Panel Beater Melbourne

What happens to your car when it is pretty severely damaged due to a road accident, vehicle collision, or some natural calamities? You are rightfully worried about the performance and the condition of the car. But you are also worried about the look of the vehicle caused due to the car damage.

Australia has one of the highest car crash rates globally, of which Melbourne is in second place in the country. This factor means all these vehicles get badly damaged. But thanks to the jobs done by panel beater, instead of destroying these cars, they get fixed. They are responsible for repairing the body of the car that has borne the brunt of the accident. The work of the panel beater and the automotive body shop industry becomes relevant in such a case.

According to the National Industry Insights census data indicated most of the 36,161 people employed in the Automotive Body, Paint, and Interior Repair sector are Panel Beater and Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers.

A panel beater repairs the car and other automotive vehicles that have been damaged with the help of special tools, techniques, and methods. At times, they also replace the damaged parts of the car. A panel beater’s work can range from restoring a damaged car that has been written off to minor imperfections. At times they also have to do cosmetic jobs on the vehicles. It is often referred to as a motoring facelift on behalf of the owners. However, in most cases, panel beaters work on cars that have been involved in accidents or have been vandalised.

How much does it cost for panel beating?

It is the job of the panel beater to restore your car to its factory condition. It is a specialised job where the individual needs to learn the skills of repairing the car. Across Australia and Melbourne, several TAFEs offer Certificate II and Certificate III in Panel Beating, also known as Automotive Body Repair Courses.

Range of works done by Panel Beaters

The training facilitates the individuals to become experts in the automotive repairing jobs. Panel beaters perform a list of jobs on the bodies of the vehicle, which includes

  • Scratch repairs
  • Smash repairs
  • Overall car repair
  • Bumper repair
  • Spray painting
  • Accident repair

Since panel beating is a specialised job, the average payout for a panel beater is significantly above the national minimum wage. Hence it is likely to say if you go to reputed panel beater services, you will be charged significantly.

Factors Impacting Cost of Panel Beating Service

However, several factors impact the panel beating costs:

The damage to the car: Typically, you would have to spend more on deep scratches than the light ones. A deep scratch can cost from quite a few hundred dollars to $1,000

Parts: Depending on the part that needs to be replaced in the car, the price can differ. Often owners opt for cheaper, non-genuine parts to save money, but it can prove detrimental in the future. Genuine parts will cost you more, but it is better for the vehicle.

Paint: High-quality paint will cost you more but is durable. A reputed smash repair company will always use high-quality paint and look into the color code before spray painting it, so it matches the tint, thus influencing the panel beater cost.

Accident replacement vehicles: In case of an accident, contact a replacement vehicle agency to get it. e The insurance company of the at-fault party will cover the replacement vehicle’s cost, and you do not have to pay anything. However, if you are an at-fault party, you have to pay for it, but check with your insurance agency. If you are paying for the accident repairs, you can ask the panel repairs agency to provide you with an accident replacement vehicle that you can rent for $75/day for a small car.

Location & Reputation: Other factors that influence the panel beating service are the smash repair company’s location and reputation. For example, the average cost you might have to pay for basic vehicle repairs for panel beating service –

In Melbourne: $500 – $700

In Sydney: $400 – $700

In Brisbane: $350 – $500

You have to take all these into consideration when determining the panel beater cost and the way they will charge you for the panel beating service.

What does a panel beater do?

The work of a panel beater is in the automotive industry, and while earlier, a panel beating job was done by vehicle mechanics, that is no longer the case. With the increased emphasis on the technology in repairs and refurbishments of the panels and the variety of cars with different features plying on the roads, panel beater experts are required to do the job.

Panel beaters with experience in the field often work independently or are hired by motor insurance companies. Those who have completed their certification course find employment with larger automobile companies where they work as spray painters, minor scratch repairs, smash repairs, minor dent removals of the vehicle at the customer’s house.

Typically, a panel beater will use a dolly and a hammer to smooth out the dents as part of smash repairs. It also involves removing the fittings and the trimmings from the inside of the car. This helps in a panel can be accessed from the back, and then it is beaten back to its original shape.

Responsibilities of Panel Beaters

Some of them are the following:

  • Understand the exact damage of the vehicle
  • Based on the assessment determining whether to replace and repair the bodywork
  • Remove the damaged areas
  • Strip and refit the sections and trimmings of the interior
  • Refit the repaired or new sections
  • Use dolly and hammer along with modern equipment to repair the damaged parts of the car
  • Use compound filler for scratch repairs, smash repairs, small holes, dents, and corroded areas

Additional Responsibilities

A panel beater can also be required to undertake the following task during the repairs:

  • Use of the jig alignment equipment
  • Use of Strong Puller is used to remove any damaged part of the car for bumper repairs, wheel arch, or bonnet.
  • Liner Puller used for taking out non-structural panels
  • Use of Easy Puller to refine Line and String Puller’s works and for minor scratch repairs and dents of the car.

All these are the works that panel beaters with certified qualifications have to do as their repair job service so that the car is back to its pre accident condition.

Benefits of hiring a panel beater

As mentioned above, by hiring a panel beater service, you can get professional car repair services, where every part of the vehicle is taken care of. By hiring panel beaters service, you ensure that every panel, dent, paint, scratch, and damage incurred by the vehicle, possibly due to a car accident, is taken care of.

Special Skills Of Panel Beaters

  • Planishing
  • Metalworking
  • Welding
  • Putty Filling

Special Equipment Used By Panel Beaters

Qualified car panel beaters are also trained in using a wide range of special equipment to repair scratches, dent, paint, and other damages like:

  • Wide variety of hammers and dollies for planishing
  • Body files and flippers
  • Assembling equipment like spanners, screwdrivers, socket sets, pliers, chisels, tin spins, rise grips, etc.
  • Hydraulic pulling and pushing devices
  • Equipment to align and measure the vehicle
  • Hoists for lifting the car
  • Welding tools
  • Safety equipment and gear to ensure no injury is caused while repairing the parts.

Given all these benefits that panel beating services can offer, it is time to find one near you.

Panel beater near me

Finding the best panel beater near you can be quite challenging, mainly if you want a certified service that offers a good panel beating prices. The best way to find the panel beater who will take care of all the car parts is to ask these five simple questions.

  1. Do they repair the damage with genuine parts?
  2. What is their repairing method for scratch, dent and also do they have a specialised panel beater spray painter?
  3. What is the level of expertise and experience held by the team?
  4. What is the guarantee given for the work?
  5. Do they offer replacement vehicles?

Apart from these, you must get the quote and verify them with your insurance company. Furthermore, go for a panel beating company that has been in the market for a while and has a name for its work. Also, look into the review and the referrals of the company before finalising it.

Wrapping It Up

It does not matter whether you are getting car dent and scratch repairs in Melbourne, Western Australia, New South Wales, or any other part of Australia. Try to find a company that gives you the best deal. Also, email as many centres as possible to get the best panel beater prices while asking the right questions before zeroing it down.