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“This video covers Australia PR requirements for Panelbeater. It covers the Education,Experience, Profile Description, Job role, Assessment Bodies and other requirements detail for the profile of Panelbeater as per the latest immigration rules.

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Profile Description of Panelbeater:

Repairs damage to metal, fibreglass and plastic body work on vehicles and forms replacement vehicle panels. Registration or licensing may be required.

Job Duties of Panelbeater:

1. removing damaged panels and parts, and removing upholstery and accessories to gain access
2. removing dents by hammering panels
3. straightening damaged vehicles and parts using mechanical and hydraulic equipment
4. replacing badly damaged sections with new or second-hand panels
5. filling depressions with plastic filler, and filing, grinding and sanding repaired surfaces
6. cutting and joining replacement sections using welding equipment
7. fitting repaired or replacement panels on vehicles and refitting body hardware such as door locks and trims
8. may assist vehicle body builders in constructing and restoring custom-designed, vintage and other specialty vehicles
9. may spray-paint vehicles

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