Upper Yarra Museum is open to the public 11am - 4pm Wednesdays and Sundays

Upper Yarra Museum is open to the public 11am - 4pm Wednesdays and Sundays

See the history of the Upper Yarra in the newly rennovated building. There is a resident 'black smith' group that meets and works on Wednesdays and Sundays. School groups are welcome.

It was set up in early 2013 and is for enthusiasts of metal work, predominantly -Blacksmithing and its branches such as ,Blade Smithing, Arrow Smithing, Armoury, Metal Art, and Metal Engraving and Inlay work. Classes are held regularly.

The group is headed up by Dietmar Fleckhammer a master blacksmith (retired) with a lifetime experience in metal work and artistic blacksmithing. Ably assisted by Chris Erickson a blade smith and metal engraver with extraordinary ability and talent. Jason Cummins the ’masters’ apprentice’ makes up the third part of the trio that form the foundation of the group.

The aim is to teach and encourage creativity using iron, anvil, fire , and hammer to create beautiful and functional objects.

Dietmar - Blacksmith at Upper Yarra Museum

For all who have completed a basic introductory course, the facility is available on museum open days (conditional). For a small daily fee you can work on your own projects to further your skills in the company of other men and women with varying skill levels and talents.
Classes always include materials, tools safety gear etc. After that however, apart from fuel for the fire, all materials and consumables for your projects are your own responsibility. It is also a condition that suitable public conduct always be exercised as the workshop forms part of the museums working exhibition.

For further details please contact Dietmar on 0417263631